Rogers promo lowers US & Int’l text message package

Kate O'Brien

July 5, 2010 9:52am

A couple months ago Rogers increased the price for the U.S. & International Text Messaging Travel Packs by a couple bucks. But now a new promo has been announced that sees a price drop for a few months. The promo starts today and goes until October 31st and sees the price of the 25 text message pack go from $12.50 to $5.00. Good deal but still comes out to $0.20 per text.

You can check out Rogers plans here

Via: TheCellularGuru

  • Jon

    Still 25 percent too expensive. Some carriers only charge 15 cents a text while roaming in US and you don’t have to buy a travel pack for that.

  • sul

    to expensive . im with rogers 6 years im thinken t change and go to anather company