Data is free when you download and use Rogers FIFA World Cup app

Kate O'Brien

June 23, 2010 2:43pm

Rogers continues the good vibes. First it was giving back $30 million do customers who overpaid in their bundle… and now they are giving you free data when you download and use their iPad Rogers LIVE 2010 FIFA World Cup app.

This app is specifically for Rogers customers with iPad Wi-Fi + 3G. The new app will allows to live stream soccer games. No worries as you can watch all you want as Rogers states that “All data generated while using the app on the Rogers network will not come out of your monthly data bucket”. It’s all free.

You can download it in iTunes here
Via: Rogers

  • Chris

    Title is sort of misleading if you ask me.

  • xCDN

    As good as this seems for Rogers customers, it’s the perfect example of why we need net neutrality!

  • Hub

    I was about to they the same as xCDN. We do need network neutrality and this is the prime example.