Rogers to release built-in “Social View” app along with 3 new Social plans

John Connors

April 29, 2010 9:51am

Curious to know what the upcoming Rogers “Social View” is all about? They have been very quiet about what it is but apparently an official description states that it’s “a built-in feature of these exclusive smartphones that brings together, in real-time, your contacts’ updates from popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. It also includes a display of recent traditional communications such as texts, calls and instant messages from your contacts. Right in the contact list!”

So it’s like LG’s LinkBook, HTC’s Sense UI, Sony Ericsson’s TimeScape and Motorola’s MOTOBLUR… but built-in and branded Rogers. In addition, with this new “Social View” feature Rogers will also be releasing 3 new plans: “Unlimited Social Addict Plan”, “Unlimited Socialite Plan” and the “Unlimited Social Master Plan”. No price plans have been revealed yet.

Via: AndroidGuys

  • Petegd


  • BCPhil

    Given how slow, bloated and buggy Rogers website is, I wouldn’t touch this with a 10 foot stylus.

  • Endi

    why have this on phone that have such a feature included (eg. timescape)? and would they allow social networking on those new plans only if you use their application?

  • Canadaboy

    Why do I feel that if every plan has the word unlimited in it, then by some means they are limited in comparison to each other.

    I hate “unlimited” used like that. Makes me want to wash out a Roger marketing agent’s mouth out with soap.

  • Samuel

    I just saw the new commoercial. (The beach one).

    It’s like motoblur and they offer unlimited social networking.