Bell to release Motorola DEXT for $79.95 on 3-year

With TELUS releasing the Backflip at $99.99 on a 3-year promo and Rogers to release the Quench in May for under $100… Thanks to Alex in our Forums for snapping a pic of the upcoming price point for Bell’s Motorola Dext. Bell has targeted their newest Android to be priced at $79.95 on a 3-year contract. In addition, as expected the Dext can also be yours soon for the no-contract price of $399.95.

Does this price point tempt you to give MOTOBLUR a go?

  • Samuel

    Sure does! I’m going to get it the first day it comes out!

  • David

    The ‘Dext’ at $400 (from Bell) at first glance, seems to be a reasonable price point, that said, if you shop around, you will find it cheaper at a few international retailers… + it will be unlocked.

    My point is ‘why would anyone want to lock themselves in’ ?

  • Jordan

    How would the Dext stack up against the Sony Mini Pro? Both are Android, capacitive touch-screens, physical keyboards, 3.5mm jacks.

  • Grace

    @david what other retailers ?

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