WirelessWave confirms Fido BlackBerry Curve 8520… release imminent


February 19, 2010 3:15pm

The long and anticipated road for Fido to bring on a new BlackBerry is coming up soon. Many rumoured launch dates have floated around, now we’re hearing it’s set for the 22nd of February. The cost of the upcoming Curve 8520 will be $50 on a 3-year contract or $400 no contract.

Even though this new smartphone is not released yet, WirelessWave has taken the liberty show more confirmation that the device is coming soon… and more importantly given the $50 price point.

Anyone going to purchase this when it officially is released?

  • Eric Arzoomanian

    Maybe if i dont have to pay for data :>

  • momo

    it is already on display at futureshop in the fido section

  • Lauren Terefenko

    what s the point of having a blackberry, if you dont have data? might as well have some piece of s**t phone

  • Vincent Gingras-Aubry


    yes will have to

  • Eric Arzoomanian


    considering everytime im gonna be using my phone to surf the web is inside somewhere, theres chances of there being wi-fi, dont get too angry there