Visa’s mobile payments plans for the future (Video)


November 20, 2009 9:57am

Juniper Research shows by the year 2014 global mobile payments is posed to be a $65 billion (USD) business. Visa was in Paris this week at the Cartes exhibition and they had on display their upcoming initiatives for mobile payments… and with the market suggesting to be in the billions is reason enough to start getting people familiar with what their plans are.

You’ll see in the video they have iPhone apps, a Visa application that’ embedded on a SIM card and a Nokia device. There are similar things now but the vid suggests we’ll just tap and go… it’s around the 2 minute mark in the video.

Via: IntoMobile

  • Arshad

    Great concepts. Funny thing is Japan has had mobile payments capability for how long now… Instead of VISA talking about this as a whole new technology, I think they should look at what Japan as doing, and if needed improve on that technology.