DAVE Wirless signs roaming agreement with Rogers

John Connors

October 15, 2009 9:00am

dave-wirelessDAVE Wireless invested $243.1-million for 10 licenses during the Canadian Wireless Spectrum Auction and what we know about them so far is the following: signed a roaming agreement with T-Mobile; brought on Ericsson to design and build their 3G UMTS network; signed a cell-site sharing agreement with Bell and will launch their new network in their five most populous markets targeted for January 2010 – Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa.

Today they announced a multi-year roaming agreement with Rogers Wireless that will give their customers nationwide wireless voice and data services.

Dave Dobbin, President of DAVE Wireless said “DAVE Wireless is building our own 3G network in major metropolitan areas. As part of our promise to deliver value, simplicity and flexibility to our customers, we needed a high-quality partner to provide our customers voice and data roaming services when they travel outside our coverage areas. That is why, when securing a national roaming partner, we chose Rogers – their network is compatible with our 3G network and will allow us to offer the attractive services and innovative mobile technologies that our customers will want. Allowing our customers to roam across Canada and the USA is important in today’s wireless world and we are pleased to be roaming partners with Rogers in Canada”

  • Randy

    Roam on Rogers?… so DAVE is out as an option for me. 🙂

  • Jota Efe

    Looks like data roaming will be EDGE only…. not 3G…

  • toyandme

    “we needed a high-quality partner to provide our customers voice and data roaming services when they travel outside our coverage areas.”

    And THEY picked Rogers!? What were they thinking?

  • Kmusky

    Actually, DAVE just got more attractive for me. Rogers has coverage on my parent’s farm, as well as my brother’s place, so I needn’t worry about losing a signal when I visit.

  • Scott

    In terms of coverage Rogers is a much better option then Bell or Telus in my experience. I didn’t know that they were launching in Edmonton though. I had it in my head they were only going to be out east. More competition is a good thing!


    well I don’t think posters “kmusky” or “scott” know to much.. but to each his own…

    really rogers wasn’t a good choice in terms of coverage – definately not for 3G coverage… kinda makes me think dave wont last to long before there fidoized “as in bought up By rogers”

    well im thinking No dave for me…..

  • Kmusky

    I’m not asking to stream video at my parent’s farm, just so long as I don’t miss a call. And it’ll be a few years before Rogers buys them out at least. We’ll see what the landscape looks like then. Who knows? Maybe Shaw will be in the fray by then.