Ouch… iPhone 3GS Shot with 9mm and Burned


August 13, 2009 6:19pm

The Apple iPhone can do a great deal of day-to-day tasks and with every app available it does make life easier. However, with all its ease of use, “Hyperplasia07″ has put a video together to show us all how he likes his iPhone… basically destroying it by gunshots and setting the thing on fire. I can only see us Canadians going this far if our rates continue to increase.

Clearly a disgruntled iPhone user, he states” Dear apple, We are sick and tired of your dictatorship. We refuse to be suffocated by your iron fist. Google Voice was the last straw. From now on I am a PC where I have my freedom.”

On his YouTube Channel “Apple may have fooled the world with their witty commercials and bright t-shirts, but they will no longer fool me. Their approach has helped them gain a sizable chunk of the PC market, but as their popularity grows, people will begin to see them for what they really are–a corporation far more “evil” than Microsoft would ever dream to be.”

However his views may be… there is one thing about this video. If the iPhone can take 4 bullets and then be set it on fire for it to actually destroyed… the durability is to be admired.

Check it out here:

Via: MobileCrunch

  • Kevin Wongsosaputro

    he sure can type fast…

    • lailayoung

      yeah.it's true

  • FuturDreamz

    I should check out Google OS eventually.

  • Matthew Schrock

    This guy did not shoot his working iPhone. He has puffy white hands, chews his nails and wears a watch as he types on his iPhone.

    The rest of the video is an athletic guy with a tan, no watch (and no watch tan lines) and healthy nails. This second guy never turns on his iPhone which suggests that it not working.

    Looks like a hoax.


  • Nuelo Black

    This type of anger is the result of a common mistake people make: Comparing iPhone to HTC/Windows Mobile. When will people get it? They are two completely different animals. One is a multimedia ONLY device and the other is a multimedia/business device that allows for more freedom, customization, and manipulation according to each individual users needs.