Rogers drops price of Android powered HTC Magic and Dream


It was only June 2nd that Canada’s first Android powered devices came and the revolution was in full swing!

It now seems only after a 4 very short weeks that both the HTC Magic and Dream have been  from $149.99 to a very reasonable $99.99 on a 3-year contract. The HTC Dream comes in white or black, while the Magic is only available in black.

  • Dale

    I'm about to pick my Dream up within the week… what perfect timing! I guess they are not as selling as well as Rogers hoped?

  • midtoad

    Wrong. The price hasn't dropped at all – it's still $599. What *has* changed is that Rogers has increased the incentive to lock into a 3-year jail sentence, errm, contract, if you buy this phone. They're hoping you'll forget that Telus will be selling phones like this within a few months.

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