Rogers Wireless potential class action lawsuit for 911 fees


August 15, 2008 10:40am

Ontario resident Patricia Robson is looking to launch a class action lawsuit against Rogers Wireless. The reason is those 911 service fees… these fees dispatch police, fire and ambulance services. She says that no more than $0.10 is actually required by regulators to pay for the necessary telecommunications infrastructure. Rogers currently charges $0.50 a month for its 911fees (Bell and Telus charge $0.75).

CRTC says it’s up to individual operators to justify higher 911 fees and says there is no requirement to break out a separate charge on subscriber bills.

  • pierre auger

    I hope this class action suit for illegal cellular system access fees is settled soon in favour of the people who have been robbed litterally by these large cell companies and the majority has been lied to by cell cos telling us it was a government licence fee I hope the court gives justice to us and makes these cell companies pay back our illegally taken money and also finds these companies guilty of fraud