iPAQ hw6955 Review

Kate O'Brien

December 1, 2007 1:16pm

HP’s PAQ hw6955 device offers global messaging with the “latest wireless technology”. This comes loaded with the HP’s Integrated Photosmart Camera and now includes a GPS Navigation system. The HP iPAQ hw6955 is equiped for Windows Mobile 5.0, which supports Outlook e-mail. This is in competition with all BlackBerry products as it has quad-band GSM technology that delivers global mobile voice and data services. Comes with features such as speakerphone mode, wireless headset, Windows Media Player 10 Mobile, video capabilities and web functionality. In Canada this is only availble through Rogers.

  • Lindsay

    never seen this phone before either.

  • pete dew

    This phone looks awfully dated and would look very sad compared to the lot we have now. the price point is unknown considering other Ipaq’s of the day were slow expansive and bulky. I don’t think this would be any different. A windows 6.0 operating just when they have all the windows 7 phones
    seems a little fishy the smells of bargain bin comes to mind

  • luiz antoneo

    please someone explain me know how the HP iPAQ hw6955 the radio?

  • It’s Me